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Happy Hour of the Week: The Sitting Room

Drink and snack among the theater types of Lower Queen Anne.

May 1, 2009

Photo: The Sitting Room

HOURS: Sun-Thu 5-7, 11pm-1am
PRICES: $4 beer, $4.50 wine and wells
$3-$6.50 small plates

Given its location and vibe, it seems like Lower Queen Anne should have better bars and restaurants. It’s kind of duds galore over there though. Not sure why.

The Sitting Room, however, is pretty cool. You don’t have to plan to attend something at On the Boards or Seattle Rep for it to be worth it to travel to LQA for this bar, but if you are all the better. Because it’s really fun to have drinks with all the theater and dancer people right before attending a performance. It’s almost like a backstage pass of sorts, listening to all the artsies gossip about who “switched teams” (swear to God, I heard a lady at the neighboring table say that) and who dumped whom and who got cut from what show. I’ve heard this place gets less Theater! Acting! in ambience on the weekends, but I don’t know because I’ve never been on a Saturday or Sunday.

However, the day to go is definitely Monday, when happy hour goes from 5pm all the way to 1am.

And it is, I assure you, a very good happy hour, full of the sort of Mediterranean treats we’ve all been trained to subside on in recent years. And even though I’ve OD’ed a bit on tapenade, fancy French cheeses, and prosciutto since Trader Joes made those erstwhile delicacies every-day fare, the Sitting Room’s versions are first-rate, generous in portion, and cheap. The service stands out too—polite, attentive, easy going.

HH runs from 5-7pm and again from 11-1 Sunday through Thursday. The menu from website below, though I seem to remember it being a little longer…consider this a sampling.

Well Drinks 4.5
(One Well Liquor + One Mixer)
Draught Beers 4
House Wine by the glass 4.50
(Red or White)
- All Beverage Prices Include Sales Tax -
Artisan Cheese Board 6.50
Classic Salami 5
European Smoked Salmon 6.50
Paté au Poivre – 5
Tapenade & Croccantini – 4
Mediterranean Olives – 3
Roasted Almonds – 3

PS: Croccantini are crackers.

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