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Say Goodbye to Costco’s Food Court Burger

Organic beef patty, we hardly knew ye.

By Nicole Martinson March 3, 2020

Costco's burger arrived quietly on the scene in 2017.

As mysteriously as it appeared, it departs. Costco’s organic cheeseburger inspired some comparisons to Shake Shack when it debuted in 2017, but a couple years at almost a dozen locations was apparently all the company needed to test out its viability in the store’s famed food courts. A sign spotted this weekend at at Costco’s SoDo warehouse thanks members for trying the burger “over the past year,” but says that after the food court’s remodel wraps up on March 21, the beefy behemoth won’t be back.

Enlightening, yet so elusive. 

The $5, 1/3 pound organic patty was straightforward, as burgers go: sliced cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and a Thousand Island-style sauce. Costco hasn’t disclosed details on the cheeseburger’s imminent retirement. Lately, though, placard communication from the company is what keeps us in the loop. Instagram account @Costcodeals was one of the first to post a photo of a sign inside a Costco warehouse announcing that starting March 16, you must be a member to purchase from the food court.

It's a blow for Seattleites, like me, who grew up on the company's legendary $1.50 hot dog. Any chance of a food court-only Costco card?

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