Second Two Doors Down Location to Replace Meg's in Pioneer Square

Sports fans, keep your fingers crossed: Erin Nestor's second Two Doors Down location may be open in time for Mariners season.

By Zoe Sayler January 9, 2020

Now, picture this with the Seattle Storm playing on TV behind it. Bliss.

Image: Dan Shafer

I'll start with the bad news: Meg’s Hamburgers, a smash-burger joint with old-school cool far beyond its year-and-change in business, will squish its last patty on January 24.

Now for the good news: Its space at 200 S Jackson St will remain decidedly Seattle as it becomes the second location of Madison Valley burger bar Two Doors Down.

The new spot, which Erin Nestor will run alongside her wife Rebecca Denk, sounds pretty damn similar to the original: It’s the same “mom-and-mom business,” this time, in Pioneer Square. It’s got the appropriate number of doors—two, just like the first—and it’ll stick to the same white-tile and reclaimed-wood aesthetic devised by the same local designer, Christine Chaney. 

It’ll also serve the same burgers (still alongside both Impossible and Beyond), the same curated selection of local drafts, and the same thoughtful cider collection—at least three on tap at all times, poured in addition to a gluten-free draft beer. Alternative eaters of the world, rejoice. “We love hamburgers,” Nestor says. “We also love our vegetarian, vegan, and otherwise gluten-free audiences.”

It's true, the new location isn't also two doors down from Nestor’s first venture, Bottleneck Lounge. But it is two blocks from T-Mobile Park. And if all goes according to plan, athletic supporters will get a view of the spot's strong screen-per-square-foot ratio just in time for the Mariners’ first home game against the Texas Rangers in March.

“You know how it is, things can change,” Nestor says. “But it’s always good to have goals.” 

That’s a Seattle fan if I’ve ever heard one.

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