Frankie and Jo's Is Coming to University Village

The vegan, gluten-free ice cream shop will open its third location just in time for your spring shopping spree.

By Zoe Sayler January 21, 2020

Weary shoppers, stop here.

The University Village Molly Moon’s is about to get some (vegan) friendly competition: Plant-based ice creamery Frankie and Jo’s is opening a third location right down the way.

As is fitting for a shop with absurdly photogenic scoops (you try ordering salty caramel ash without posting about it!), Frankie and Jo’s announced the news Monday evening via Instagram, alongside a photo of the very spot where they'll be churning out superfood-laden flavors in gluten-free waffle cones come spring.

Hot Cakes founder Autumn Martin and Juicebox's Kari Brunson had been selling plant-based pints for a while before Frankie and Jo's first brick-and-mortar opened in 2016. The brand’s been nothing but growing since: In 2018, the pair's brainchild arrived in Ballard; in 2019, it summered at Alki as a dreamy seaside pop-up.

Now, it'll take over part of the spot next to the U Village Evergreens (after the salad shop expands a bit), sandwiching itself between healthyish fast-casual and a children's culinary academy. (Talk about two demographics that would have to exercise an inhuman amount of willpower not to head over for a scoop.)

Whether the new shop is simply a logical move toward upping the Frankie and Jo’s presence in the northeast corner of the city “and a bit closer to the eastside,” as the Instagram caption says, or whether this is actually part of some master plan to triangulate the city and turn us all vegan (as the map would suggest)... I'm ready.


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