Coming this summer to Beacon Ave. Not pictured: Fried chicken sandwiches and soft serve to the max.

Image: Maddy Porter

Brilliant news for anyone who loves the soft serve window at Homer. Or fried chicken sandwiches. Or clever pro-cocktails/pro-parenthood naming conventions.

Logan Cox and Sara Knowles, the couple behind this marvelous Beacon Hill restaurant (ahem, our 2019 Restaurant of the Year), will open a new fast casual spot just a few blocks north on Beacon Ave, in the same building as Perihelion Brewery—and basically across the street from the neighborhood’s light rail station.

Milk Drunk will double down on the soft serve situation with dips, sauces, toppings, and waffle cones, and also serve plenty of cocktails. This combo explains the establishment’s name, which is also a nod to the daughter Cox and Knowles welcomed last summer. While Homer built its menu on pitas and spreads, its family friendly spinoff will traffic in fried chicken sandwiches.

 I’m not sure which part inspires more joy: A Logan Cox version of a fried chicken sandwich, or the supremely Seattle notion of having a cocktail at an establishment named for the aftermath of feeding an infant. The answer, I guess, will become apparent in time for soft serve season; Milk Drunk aims to open in early summer 2020.

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