Gone Too Soon

East Trading Company Closes on Capitol Hill

The artfully designed Pike/Pine bar lasted a little over a year.

Edited by Annika Lindburg November 6, 2019

The bar with some of the best wallpaper around is closing.

Image: Rosin Saez

East Trading Company, the Pike Street cocktail bar, closed quietly over the weekend. Owner I-Miun Liu—who's also behind Eastern Cafe, Central District's Raised Doughnuts, and the Oasis Tea Zone chain—opened the space last September in the former Sun Liquor Distillery and Lounge. The bar, design by Electric Coffin, abounded with texture: Bruce Lee on repeat (a nod to Liu having grown up practicing martial arts), tigers, fireworks, “Thank You” roses from those red-and-white plastic bags. We'll miss the housemade tea-infused syrups and balanced way with booze—gin, Aperol, and chartreuse here, bourbon-smoked tea with angostura bitters there. 

Liu cited "multiple factors" for East Trading Company's closing, such as "being too busy with other projects and how doing business in Seattle is a lot more difficult than it used to be." East Trading Company also announced the closing on Instagram: 

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