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At Long Last Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen Opens Today

After two years of prep, weeks of construction delays, and many latke sandwiches, the team behind the Napkin Friends food truck debuts its restaurant spin-off.

By Nicole Pasia November 21, 2019

Schmaltzy's Deli signage and brightly hued beet-cured lox.

Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen officially opens its doors today, November 21, at a new Ballard (perhaps better known as Frelard) venue, bringing modern twists to the nostalgic Jewish classics. While the delays in the construction of the brand-new building at 928 Northwest Leary Way pushed the opening back several months, the restaurant installment of the Napkin and Friends food truck is fully prepped to serve deep-fried latkes, housemade pastrami sandwiches, and matzoh ball soup.

“We’re trying to create new memories through food, taking those old memories that you have and bringing them into a Seattle modern setting,” says owner Jonny Silverberg, echoing the deli’s motto: Steeped in tradition, but never stuck in it. Family photos on the walls may pay homage to tradition, but Schmaltzy’s fare boasts bites that take modern liberties with the Jewish deli canon: some beet-cured lox, the “Jew-bano” which swaps the pork of the typical cubano with beef bologna. Meanwhile large counter cases house a variety of grab-and-go options for the midday lunch rush.

“There is quite a bit of lunch traffic in this neighborhood that people don't quite know about,” says Silverberg, whose deli further bolsters the area's dining scene and Seattle's great Jewish cuisine revival.

Schmaltzy’s hours to start: Tuesday through Saturday from 8 to 5, and Sunday from 8 to early afternoonish. 

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