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Little Uncle Shuttered Over the Weekend

One of the city's best restaurants bids a quiet farewell.

By Allecia Vermillion September 30, 2019

No more dom yum wun sen from Little Uncle, sadly.

On Saturday night, Little Uncle took to Facebook to announce that evening would be the restaurant’s final dinner service. In July, owners Wiley and PK Frank spread the word they were putting the restaurant up for sale and pursuing other interests (carpentry for PK, and I am beyond eager to learn what’s in store for Wiley). 

Presumably they found a new owner, likely one who’s taking over the space October 1. This vivid Thai restaurant is special in so many ways, not just for the crab fried rice and khao soi gai, but the once-groundbreaking idea that chefs could grow a popup into massive popularity, then into a brick-and-mortar restaurant. 

Meanwhile, on the far opposite end of the size spectrum, downtown's pre-theater staple Palomino reportedly shuttered over the weekend. The restaurant turned 50 this year, but its current parent company, locally based Restaurants Unlimited, filed for bankruptcy in July. Man, between this and last week's Sitka and Spruce news (not to mention the over-the-weekend Macy's nonsurprise/bombshell), the past week feels like a concentrated blast of change. 

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