Beer, barbecue, and bliss.

Image: Erin Lodi

Yes, sunny skies and warm weather are slowly retreating. But summer, at least in our hearts, isn't over quite yet. Especially when the grill's fired up and the beer's flowing. To that end, Cowabunga—Seattle Met's three-day meaty bacchanal—is bringing brews and barbecue to South Lake Union Discovery Center on September 28. Last year's combination of beer and brisket-driven dishes was such as success, it's back for another round. Consider it a final adieu to summer, one that features all things cooked low and slow.

Come Saturday afternoon (noon–3pm), some of our favorite Seattle barbecue gods will descend on the tent, including Brileys BBQ's Kyle Brierley and Seamus Platt of the Shambles, the Roosevelt butcher-deli with an equally impressive tap list. We don't usually think of Friday Harbor House's Jason Aldous as a barbecue guy, which makes his presence all the more intriguing—and we're eager to see Tiffany Ran's new Taiwanese popup BaBaLio in action. Not to mention many more great participants.

Kegs will be stocked from the likes of Pike Place stalwarts Old Stove Brewing Co. and Pike Brewing Company. And Acme ice cream is getting thrown into the mix, too—DIY beer floats anyone? All that, plus local wines, whiskey tastings, and cocktails (in case the frothy stuff isn't your scene). 

We've also made live entertainment a central feature of this year's events, so you can relax to live music in between stuffing your face. What else to expect: culinary demos from pros, lawn games, a virtual reality experience—all in all, a laid-back Saturday afternoon, amped up with a ton of meat.

How might you partake in all this beer- and barbecue-fueled revelry? Tickets run $75 (or $100 to score an earlier admission); find them right over here

Mind you, there are three other Cowabunga events, too. Like Friday's seafood-and-steak-forward soiree. Stay tuned for more details as we have them, or head over to the Cowabunga homepage.

Countdown to Cowabunga: 15 days.

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