Much like a mechanical bull, Seattle Met's Cowabunga is one helluva ride.

Cowabunga is Seattle Met's three-day, all-you-can-eat food festival at the South Lake Union Discovery Center in which beef tends to dominate, well, everything. It's got to be one of the meatiest weekends of the year. But on the first night—Friday, September 27 to be precise—we dive into some of Seattle's freshest seafood offerings from some of Seattle's sharpest chefs.

Enter, Surf 'N' Turf.

It's not quite a Seattle party until someone cooks something that swam or burrowed deep into our shoreline tidal flats. Thus, the night's lineup of talent includes those with much seafood swagger. Here's a snapshot of who will be behind the booths for Cowabunga, representing teams Surf and Turf.

Nick Coffey decamped from Seattle to the outskirts of Lopez Island and opened his restaurant Ursa Minor in 2017. Coffey knows his way around spot prawns and mollusks. Being surrounded by water will do that to you. Same goes for chefs Jay Blackinton of Hogstone and ÆLDER on Orcas Island and Jason Aldous of Friday Harbor House on San Juan Island. But chefs who don't cook on an island still have plenty of skills to flex... Eric Rivera of Addo, whose multiconcept Ballard restaurant and counter, Addo 206, inside Batch 206 Distillery have everything from a upgraded version of a Dick's burger (it's called The Richard) to 10-course dinners. We're waiting, with bated breath, for Melissa Miranda's upcoming Beacon Hill restaurant Musang. Tamara Murphy runs Burning Feast every year; the chef-owner of Terra Plata knows meat and she knows food fests. 

Other chefs to get stoked about: Sam West (San Fermo), Krishan Kumar (Tolu Modern Fijian Cuisine), Cody Farrell (Bastille), Charles Celestial (Japonessa Sushi Cocina), David Buchanan (Blackfish Wild Salmon Grill and Bar), and Rhys Nunnelee (Tankard and Tun).

In conclusion, it's going to be a rowdy, seafood-and-steak-forward first night. Cowabunga runs from September 27 to 29. Keep your eyes peeled here for more meaty updates as we have them.

Countdown to Cowabunga: 17 days.

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