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This Week in Restaurant News: Ludi's Closes Early and Flatstick Heads to Bellingham

Five dining developments on our radar this week.

By Courtney Cummings August 16, 2019

Flatstick Pub's beloved pizza and mini golf expands to Bellingham.

A Beloved Downtown Diner’s Fiery End

It was a sad day when Ludi’s owner Gregorio Rosas revealed that the Filipino restaurant would close at the end of this month if he couldn’t find a more affordable alternate space. And now those plans have been fast-tracked due to a fire that shuttered the doors early. Announced on Facebook, the all-day breakfast mainstay “closed until further notice” on August 14. According to Eater Seattle, Rosas cited rising rent rates as the reason for the restaurant’s inability to remain in its current spot. Fans of the restaurant took to Facebook to express their grief for the restaurant’s closure, and we are right there with them.

Battle of the Bagels

Seattle’s bagel scene isn’t one of the most robust in the nation, but up-and-coming bagel shops are proving otherwise. Westman’s has been holding down the fort since 2018. Schmaltzy’s and Zylberschtein’s are two newer Jewish delis that have opened this year. And Rubinstein Bagels, located downtown on the second floor lobby in Two Union Square at Cafe Cortina, is another newcomer, one that The Seattle Times recently deemed a must-try in the paper’s updated Great Seattle-Area Bagel Taste Test. Made from organic flour and a decade-old sourdough starter, Rubinstein bagels are fermented for 24 hours, boiled, and then baked. Seattle may not reach New York–level bagel status, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pursue every bagel in a most noble attempt.

Ethan Stowell Beefs Up His Restaurants

Local Seattle startup Crowd Cow teams up with Ethan Stowell Restaurants to bring ranch-raised meat—short rib, shank, coulotte, ribeye, and strip steak—to six of Stowell’s Seattle restaurants including Cortina, Red Cow, and Goldfinch Tavern. As the protein provider, Crowd Cow will source from Hutterian Farm in Reardan, Washington. Bramling Cross, Stowell’s Ballard gastropub, will also have a Crowd Cow burger special.

Mini Golf and Microbrews Go to Bellingham

Flatstick Pub, known for its indoor mini golf and local taps, plans to open its newest spot in Bellingham in early 2020, reports Eater Seattle. The beer-filled fun land will serve food created by Ethan Stowell (wow, this dude is everywhere lately), who also oversees the menu at the South Lake Union location. Flatstick owners and brothers Sam and Andy Largent also plan to open two more locations in the near future; one in Spokane this winter and one in Tacoma next year. One of the biggest draws thus far: Dogs are allowed. Count us in.

A Moment of Silence for Silence-Heart-Nest

The beloved Fremont vegetarian hub, Silence-Heart-Nest, closed its doors on August 14 after 33 years in business, reports My Ballard. Founded by followers of a guru who advocated a vegetarian lifestyle, the restaurant specialized in creating a space that felt like home to customers. As the owners put it on the restaurant’s website, “We have seen your marriages, your children, and even your grandchildren. We feel part of an extended family and are always grateful for knowing you.” The space may be officially up for sale, but the sesame pancakes remain nested firmly in our hearts.

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