Vif co-owner Shawn Mead pours a natural pinot grigio.

For anyone seeking a glass of wine and tartine, a bottle of superlative barbera, or an absurdly comforting bowl of lentils and egg, Seattle offers no destination more charming than Vif, the wine bar/bottle shop/cafe on Fremont Ave. Now owners Shawn Mead and Lauren Feldman say they're planning a second location on Beacon Hill.

Their new spot, Petite Soif, won't be a carbon copy of Vif, says Feldman, "but in the family, for sure." She and Mead are planning a bottle shop and wine bar at 3309 Beacon Ave S, trading espresso and morning porridge for small evening plates. Here, too, drinkers can explore the various facets of natural wine, by glass or bottle.

Petite Soif could be open by September, subject to the vagaries of permits and buildout, and will add a new element to a neighborhood that already possesses an admirable breadth of bars and restaurants.

Meanwhile, back in Fremont, the Thursday and Friday night Bar Vif program offers a sort of preview of what you can expect at its new sibling. On these nights, Vif stays open a bit later, with a broader list of wines by the glass from 5–9pm and snacks like braised pork arancini or a reuben tartine on Sea Wolf rye.

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