All matcha sundae, all the time.

Tea Time

Eater Seattle is in a state of frenzied joy about the impending arrival of Nana's Green Tea, the Japanese transplant that will soon bring matcha, tea-based confections, and the company's first breakfast menu to Denny Triangle. Here's a full breakdown of intel.

Yay Tacos, Boo Bar-Crashing Instigators

Last weekend, Neon Taco inside Nacho Borracho had to police escort MAGA-hat-bedecked members of far-right group Patriot Prayer after they refused to leave the Capitol Hill bar. As a retaliation the group bombarded the businesses' Yelp and Facebook pages with negative reviews; more details at Capitol Hill Seattle

Lunch Laments

Tsukushinbo, the hidden gem on Main Street in Chinatown–International District, has suspended lunch permanently as of September with nothing but a simple sign on its front door (an unsurprising move for a restaurant with no signage). Hours are now 5 to 10pm, Monday through Thursday, 5 to 11 on Friday, with weekend brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 3, weekend dinner commences at 5. That beloved lunchtime-only pork ramen on Fridays? It's moving to Saturday's brunch menu (cue huge sigh of relief).

The Redwood Is Felled

Since 2012, this lovable dive on Capitol Hill has been counting down to closure town. With each impending year of doom, there came delays, much to the East Howell bar patrons diluted joy—the end was still nigh, unspecifically so, but nigh nonetheless. As of this week, reports Capitol Hill Seattle, not only is the Redwood long closed, it's entirely demolished. Let us have a moment of silence.

Skewers and Speculation

Adana chef Shota Nakajima is dropping hints about his next project: a casual, counter-service bar that serves Osaka-style kushikatsu, or skewers of deep-fried meat and/or veg. Name: None just yet. Location: Somewhere on Capitol Hill, says Eater Seattle. Confirmed: Our breathless excitement. 

This Week on Nosh Pit

At Lucky Santo, former Stoneburner chef de cuisine Nikki DeGidio will make gluten-free, allergen-avoidant food with all the flavor impact of a finer-dining restaurant.

Late-night deliveries of cookies still warm from the oven? Insomnia Cookies is a stoner's dream made real for all of us when the chain opens a Belltown location.

LA's the Hart and the Hunter is officially open inside the Palihotel on Pine downtown—renowned butter biscuits, Seattle-inspired cocktails, and Anchorhead Coffee abound.

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