Pro-cupcake, pro-democracy.

Image: Cupcake Royal

Election Day elicits many emotions both good—yay, civic duty!—and bad—we haven't felt this stressed since the Night King resurrected that dragon to do his evil bidding in Game of Thrones! So to temper this rollercoaster of stress, here are a few spots with Election Day goodies. Go vote, then have a cookie. 

Hello Robin

Cookies with "VOTE" expertly scrawled in icing: simple, classic, available while supplies last.

Porkchop and Co.

Ever since a certain president was elected in 2016, this Ballard gem has been baking their so-named Dump Trump cookies—every $2 from the cookie sale is donated to Emily's List. Today's no different, except that today the cookie's gratis (also available until gone). 

Cupcake Royale

Cupcakes can quell your Election Day nerves, too. Better, perhaps, when said cupcakes come with positive messaging: "I'm pro-cupcake. And I voted." Two things we can get behind. Available all CR cafes throughout the city. 

Atrium Kitchen

Letting us have cake and eat it, too, this Pike Place Market counter is serving the oft-forgetten Election Day Cake from now until 3pm. The cake, bell shaped thanks to a pan mold designed by local artist Buster Simpson, is based on a recipe from 1896, a time in which voting was afforded to some white dudes. But some of the nonvoting women of that era knew that the way to a man's heart—and electoral influence—was through his stomach.

Not into sweets? 

We hear Shake Shack is doling out free french fries to voters, too. And all Marination locations are giving one free taco or slider, so today is a good day no matter what. 

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