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Petite Galerie Closes in Madison Valley

This lovely dining room was high-end and, alas, short-lived.

By Allecia Vermillion September 25, 2018

The short-lived, but beautiful dining room in Madison Valley.

Chef-owner Rob Sevcik sent word today that his Madison Valley restaurant, Petite Galerie, has closed. A longtime lieutenant of Thierry Rautureau, Sevcik transformed a former chocolate shop into a plush, lovely dining room and started serving dinner on Valentine's Day this year. He cited a mix of operational challenges and a significant bout of illness this summer. 

Admittedly, Petite Galerie deliberately sidestepped a lot of the measures restaurants often take to stay solvent in 2018 Seattle: The restaurant wasn't a bare-bones counter service place dispensing pizza or broad-appeal lunches with disposable napkins. Petite Galerie was table linens and crumbers, and carefully composed plates that often reflected Sevcik's French training, and pristine Northwest seafood.

This news continues a frustrating string of months for Seattle restaurants; another (somewhat) newcomer, Babirusa, will serve its final dinner on Thursday night, September 27.

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