Celebrate Labor Day the best way possible—with free food—L'il Woody's is slinging burgers for a few hours this Monday. 

Wed, Aug 29
Plant-Based Ice Cream Tasting
Take a deep breath fellow lactose-intolerant friends because there's an ice cream event made just for you. Makini Howell of Plum Bistro is putting on a vegan ice cream tasting where she'll unveil the soft serve flavor for the month of September. Flavors will include the shop's classic flavors like vanilla sprinkle and chocolate almond. Toss aside the Lactaid and pick up a ticket for $22 instead which will get you a six-course tasting menu of these dairy-free scoops.

Fri, Aug 31
Grilled Things and Chicken Wings at the Wing Luke Museum
The end of summer is nigh which means we must seize each and every dry day that's left before the chill and wet of fall set in. Walk around the International District feasting on meat that's grilled, deep fried, and everything in between. The Wing Luke Museum will guide you in your food journey and explain to you some of the history of the neighborhood as you munch on skewers of meat. Tickets are $45 for adults and $30 for students (bring a valid ID) and children ages 5 to 12. 

Sun, Sept 2
Sparklefest at The Old Chaser Farm
Whether you're looking to get out of the city for the weekend or just wanting a nice glass or two of wine, consider Bar Ferdinand's third annual wine festival at Matt Dillon's Old Chaser Farm on Vashon Island. For $60 you'll get access to food and bubbles from around the world. Meanwhile, kids can come too and enjoy the day.

Sept 1–3
Bremerton Blackberry Festival
Board the ferry this long weekend and head to Bremerton for their Blackberry Festival. Pick up some blackberry wine or have yourself a taste for 25 cents. If wine isn't your thing then look for pie, lemonade, and blackberry "slugs"—no not the pests in your garden—but a much more appetizing doughnut filled with blackberry and topped with whipped cream. Admission is free so you need only bring a desire for all things blackberries. 

Mon, Sept 3
Free Burgers at Li'l Woody's
Mob on over to one of Li'l Woody's three locations for a free burger to celebrate Labor Day. From 2 until 5, the local burger shop will sling burgers for the public at no cost. Sure the line may be long but what's a little patience for a late lunch—or snack (we don't judge).


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