Freshly glazed. Courtesy Good Day Donuts

After a fresh coat of light pink paint and a bit of a sprucing up, Good Day Donuts is softly open in White Center. 

It was only this past June, when Erik Jackson, formerly the executive chef at Vendemmia in Madrona, announced that he bought the White Center space at 9823 15th Avenue Southwest. It's been a doughnut shop for some 20 years, and Jackson along with his wife Alison Odowski have kept it as such.

Glazed cake doughnuts (ahem, photo to the left), apple fritters, cinnamon twists, and more are already freshly fried and neatly lined up inside a pastry case. There's coffee, naturally, and ice cream too, making this a morning trifecta of sugar, spice, and everything that will give you the sprightly energy of a cartoon character with probably as much proclivity toward physical comedy.

Jackson isn't one to deny his southern heart, so he's got boiled peanuts—excuse me, boiled p-nuts—on deck, too. While Jackson and Odowski get in the swing of things hours are 9 to 4 for now. Jackson also says more breakfast and lunch options—sandwiches, bowls, and the like—are coming next week.


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