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Shiro Dreams of Courtyard Lunches

Sushi Kashiba in Pike Place Market is now serving afternoon nigiri sets.

By Rosin Saez June 27, 2018

Summertime sushi—itadakimasu!

Allow me to petition a new, yet similarly euphoric definition for nooner

nooner \ˈnün-ər \ (noun): Sneaking out of work around 11:30 to eat pristine, elegantly made sushi in a Pike Place courtyard. 

That's right, Sushi Kashiba has just started lunch service outside in their breezy courtyard, where diners can order nigiri sets, either seven- or nine-piece ($40–$50). Lunch will run 11:30 until 2:30, but only in the summer months, so get after it, Seattle. It's hard enough to nab a seat anywhere in Shiro Kashiba's sushi bar, one of the city's very best.

Kashiba, Seattle's own sushi legend who trained under the discerning tutelage of master Jiro Ono, taught us the ways of Edomae sushi. He still holds it down at Sushi Kashiba, his semieponymous Pike Place Market restaurant that boasts views of Elliott Bay over Market rooftops. It's a pure raw fish haven to behold. And now you can do so, in a certain way for a little while at least, for lunch.

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