Navy Strength. Be there.

This morning, as with many mornings in the last few weeks, news about our country's crisis at the border continues to haunt our collective psyche. While President Trump signed an executive order to keep families crossing the southern U.S. border together last week, his administration's zero-tolerance policy remains and thousands of children are still separated from their parents. And this reality extends from the border and into Washington, where immigrant mothers, separated from their children, were sent from Texas to the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac earlier the month, reports PubliCola.

Well after some lengthy discussions—and one very unfortunate, high-profile sartorial choice—Seattle chefs want to do something about it: throw a party. It's called Seattle Cares Do You?, a direct response to FLOTUS's questioning and questionable jacket.

Chefs Cameron Hanin (Ma'ono, Supreme) and Jeffrey Vance (No Anchor, Navy Strength) reached out to Herschell Taghap, a fellow chef, member of Ilaw, and Tom Douglas alum to get fundraising plans underway. A party, they figured, would be the best way to raise the most amount of dollar dollar bills, y'all. "We are throwing a DIY party at Navy Strength to raise as much cash as we can to send to Texas and support the people doing this very important work," Vance said in an email.

Here's how it works: Bring a suggestion donation of $15 to enter the Seattle Cares Do You? party on July 9 at Navy Strength in Belltown, from 7 to 11. 

A donation tip line will be added to each check (the sky's your bank account's the limit). Plus, all tips and a majority of drink sales will be donated to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) in Texas, an organization that reconnects immigrant families.

Food, which will be free, drinks, and talent will come by way of chefs and industry pros who really do care from places such as: Addo, Adana, Archipelago, BabirusaBarkada, Lahi Seattle, Mean Sandwich, the Carlile Room, Hood Famous Bake Shop, Musang, Vita Uva, and Wow Wow Lemonade.

Tunes will spin thanks to Osiris Navarro and DJ Special Dark (ahem, Herschell Taghap).

Seattle Cares Do You?

Mon, July 9, 7 to 11
Navy Strength, 2505 Second Ave
$15 suggested donation


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