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Local photographer snaps a glorious shot of E. Smith Mercantile's back bar for Glasswing. 

Image: AJ Ragasa

Move over Diet Coke, we need a stiffer drink this President's Day. Here are a few places to find one.

Teddy's on Roosevelt

The 26th President wasn't much of a drinker; perhaps he'd indulge in a mint julep on occasion. Still, this cozy pub ought to inspire some rugged conversation on underground boxing matches, protected parks and wilderness, or stepping up one's mustache game.

E. Smith Mercantile

See yourself to the newly expanded back bar in Pioneer Square, where a cocktail dubbed Mary's Revenge awaits. While it might not be named for Mary Todd Lincoln, we'd like to believe this drink fuels gender equality initiatives.


While it might be small, its captain's list is mighty. On it dwell whiskeys that pre-date the 18th Amendment—so hoist a dram for legislation we can toast to.

Tavern Law

Pour one out for Teddy Roosevelt once again. At this cocktail den, sip on the Pearl Gun Handle; the Rough Rider himself had one as his "nightstand gun."


At this Ballard bar find the Jersey Devil (the cocktail not the creature of New Jersey folklore), in either case we drink to Grover Cleveland, our 22nd and 24th President who hailed from the Garden State and the only person to serve two non-consecutive presidential terms.

Zig Zag Cafe

Tucked inside Pike Place Market, this iconic cocktail lounge crafts a drink simply called Rutherford. It could be named for Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly the healthiest U.S. President of all time, but that might be odd, considering the 19th President abstained from smoking and alcohol.

Still thirsty? Grab a friend and go on an Ultimate President's Day Bar Crawl.

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