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Seattle Coffee Works to Open New Location This Winter

Wedged between glass skyscrapers and Amazon's campus, Cascade Coffee Works finds a home in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

By Jaime Archer August 24, 2017

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The future home of Cascade Coffee Works.

Seattle Coffee Works founder Sebastian Simsch is always on the lookout for brick buildings with a homey, down-to-earth vibe. With a brick facade and a garage door perfect for sunny days, 1130 Thomas Street checked all the boxes and will soon be home to the local company’s fourth location: Cascade Coffee Works. Slated to open by November 1, the Cascade location’s grand opening comes just a few months after that of its sister cafe, Capitol Coffee Works.  

The new site will share many similarities with its Capitol Hill sibling, like a minimalist style and Instagram-worthy slow bar, but with more of a focus on food. Standard Bakery—which celebrates its own grand opening August 26 at its new Pinehurst store—and Sunrise Tacos will likewise partner with the forthcoming cafe to bring customers breakfast tacos and airy French pastries; housemade sandwiches might also be in the works.

With a huge walk-in fridge there will be plenty of room here for proper taps of their cold brew plus—cue a choir of angels singing—beer and wine. As part of the ever growing number of all-day cafes, Cascade Coffee Works will boast a happy hour menu complete with snacks, said local beers, and wine, which is something yet unseen among the Seattle Coffee Works family. Start the morning with a latte and end it with a rosé—it's okay to camp out all day.

Cascade Coffee Works is just one of many new additions to the area, where conversations are punctuated by the distant rumble of construction equipment. But Simsch and his team are embracing this very atmosphere of change, seeing it as an opportunity to help foster community. That community, of course, includes a plethora of Amazon employees, as the new location sits right in the middle of the tech company’s massive campus. But the coffee shop is also located just a stone's throw from FareStart, which trains and employs the underserved in its cafes and restaurants; accordingly, Simsch hopes that Cascade Coffee Works will act as a space where customers of all tech proficiencies can bond over an espresso.

And there will certainly be no shortage of espresso or chitchat. To encourage conversation on all fronts, Simsch opted to install the Synesso machine sunken into the counter so that customers can actually see the baristas. Or, you know, you can avoid the community altogether and repair to a table with your laptop in the breezy 1,500-square-foot space from 7am–6pm. You do you.

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