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Capitol Coffee Works Opens on Memorial Day

Grab a free drink and some cascara chocolate during the grand opening of Seattle Coffee Works' new location on the Pike/Pine corridor.

By Darren Davis May 18, 2017

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Seattle Coffee Works—one of the city's original geeky coffee temples—opens its third location on Memorial Day (Mon, May 29) in the old Luma office on East Pike.

The new Capitol Coffee Works will look different than the hectic espresso factory that is downtown's Seattle Coffee Works and the more living room–esque Ballard Coffee Works. Expect a more minimal approach to coffee, with a handful of espresso and milk drinks plus the standard brewed-to-order slow bar options.

What is not standard in Seattle (yet) is the commitment to utilizing cascara. The flesh of the coffee cherry has long been considered a waste product in coffee processing; it's the seed you drink, after all. But recently, sweetened tea made from dried remains of the fruit has been popping up on specialty coffee menus. Starbucks even serves a cascara latte.

Capitol Coffee Works has a cascara soda on the menu, but also goes one step further: Chocolate made with cascara and cocoa butter accompany every espresso drink. And the team wants to eventually incorporate a cascara-based chocolate syrup into a mocha.

Things kick off with a Memorial Day grand opening party: Every customer will receive one free coffee of their choice, with gratis cascara chocolate and cascara fizzes available as well.  The first 200 guests will also receive a $10 gift card. 

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