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Saying goodbye to its SeaTac fish bar or will a petition save the local fish-and-chips icon?


Marvel at those otherworldly Amazon orbs fireside, drink in hand starting next Saturday, June 24. 2120, located aptly at 2120 Sixth Ave has outdoor seating for 60 and fifth-gen Seattleite, executive chef Derek Bugge at the helm.

The Lakehouse, Civility and Unrest
Miller’s Guild owner and James Beard award-winning chef Jason Wilson opened two new projects this week. The Lakehouse restaurant and Civility and Unrest, a speakeasy-inspired cocktail lounge, are both located in the new W Bellevue Hotel.

Raney's Bar and Grill
Raney Brothers BBQ food truck is now open as a brick-and-mortar serving their meat with meat and sometimes fries–that are equally to die for. 

Coming Soon

Unified Brewing
Unified Brewing continues the sudsy tradition in taking over the Big Al Brewing’s space, but unfortunately the wait will be long and dry until their opening, slated for 2018.

Floodland Brewing
Adam Paysee has split from Holy Mountain Brewing to utilize old brewing methods (native fermentation, century old methods of cooling wort, no refrigeration) through Floodland Brewing, but don’t expect these brews on the market until fall or winter, says Eater Seattle.

The Burger Beat

Loretta's Northwesterner
Thrillist.com put out a list of the 100 best burgers in America, and Seattle is home to number four. This South Park restaurant has been booming, but with the unexpected rush, this unassuming joint is running out of just about everything. Give them a minute to recover, then take your tastebuds on a journey of beefy goodness. 

Airport Dining

SeaTac’s list of new potential eateries (pending bid approvals) makes you want to arrive to fly hungry, but has edged out one of the homegrown favorites. Ivar’s launched a petition on their website that allows you to send a form letter to the Seattle Port Commissioner to ask them to keep this fast fishery at the airport.

New Menu

One of our best restaurants Nirmal’s will launch a new menu on the 19th. Namesake and chef Nirmal Monteiro is offering a wider variety of Indian cuisines, new cocktails, and has even developed a brand new vegan menu.

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