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It's that time again: The annual Washington Beer Awards has bestowed beer blessings upon some of our state's best. In its fifth year—the biggest yet with 1,207 sudsy submissions from 165 local breweries—the winners were once again announced at this past weekend's Washington Brewers Festival.

Consider the following your handy guide to the cream of the hop crop. And let’s toast to Five Rights Brewing, E9 Brewery (for the second consecutive year!), and Chuckanut Brewery for their small, mid-sized, and large brewery of the year wins, respectively.

Without further ado, your 2017 winners are...

European Pale Lagers

Gold: Barrel Mountain Brewing - Luv Ya Lager
Silver: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Helles Lager
Bronze: DRU BRU - Serious Bru

German-Style Pilsners

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Crosscut Pilsner
Silver: Black Raven Brewing - Hochzeit Pilsner
Bronze: Optimism – Check

Bohemian-Style Pilsners

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Pilsner
Silver: Sound Brewery - Premium Pilsner
Bronze: Chainline Brewing Company - Polaris Pilsner

New World Pilsners

Gold: Airways Brewing - Pre Flight Pilsner
Silver: Perry Street Brewing - PSB Pils
Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing - Happy Little Clouds

Vienna-Style Lagers

Gold: Wet Coast Brewing Company - Costa Humeda
Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Vienna Lager
Bronze: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Vienna Lager

German Dark Lagers

Gold: Chainline Brewing Company - Brake Czech
Silver: Dru Bru - Black
Bronze: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Dunkel 

American-Style Lagers

Gold: Kulshan Brewing Company - Premium Lager
Silver: Stones Throw Brewery - Raincountry Liquid Sunshine Lager
Bronze: Top Rung Brewing Company - Lacey Lager 

Other Light and Amber Lagers

Gold: Odin Brewing/Hilliards Beer - Chrome Satan Copper Lager
Silver: Lowercase Brewing - Mexican Lager
Bronze: Aslan Brewing Co - Classic Light Lager

Baltic Porters

Gold: Bellwether Brewing Company - Fernweh
Silver: Sound Brewery - Baltic Porter
Bronze: Standard Brewing - Baltic Porter 

Strong Lagers

Gold: River City Brewing - 2015 Congratulator Doppelbock
Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Dopplebock
Bronze: Silver City Brewery – Uberfest 

German-Style Kölsch

Gold: 54-40 Brewing Company - Cascadia
Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Kolsch Style
Bronze: 20 Corners Brewing Company - Vagablonde

Other German Amber Beers

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Alt
Silver: Gordon Biersch Brewing Company - Marzen
Bronze: Reuben's Brews - Small Batch Brewery – Altbier

German Wheat and Rye Beers

Gold: 5 Rights Brewing Company - Nellie's Nectar
Silver: Anacortes Brewery - Whistle Lake Wizen
Bronze: Sound Brewery – Sommerweizen

American Wheat Beers

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut American Wheat
Silver: Elysian Brewing Company - Wil Wheatwine
Bronze: Mac and Jacks Brewery - Serengeti Wheat

Rye Beers

Gold: Lowercase Brewing - IPA
Silver: Loowit Brewing Company - Grimlock Rye Porter
Bronze: Haywire Brewing Company - Red Rye IPA

American Light Ales

Gold: Whitewall Brewing Company - Traction Control
Silver: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Blonde Ale
Bronze: Diamond Knot Craft Brewing - Blonde Ale

Session Beers

Gold: Georgetown Brewing Company - Johnny Utah
Silver: Cloudburst Brewing - Fine Print
Bronze: TripleHorn Brewing Company – Enabler


Gold: Four Generals Brewing - English Bitter
Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing - Test Drive Amber
Bronze: Ravenna Brewing Company – ESB

English Ales

Gold: Fish Brewing Company - Organic IPA
Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut British IPA
Bronze: Port Townsend Brewery - Hop Diggidy IPA

English Dark Ales

Gold: Orlison Brewing Company - Boulder Garden Brown
Silver: Puyallup River Brewing Company - British Bronze Brown Ale
Bronze: Blewett Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale

British Strong Ales

Gold: Cairn Brewing - Wee Heavy
Silver: Standard Brewing - Skid Road
Bronze: Silver City Brewery - Old Scrooge

Scottish Ales

Gold: Postdoc Brewing - Kilty MacSporran
Silver: Heathen Brewing - Highland Charge
Bronze: Dystopian State Brewing Company - The Immolator

Irish Red Ales

Gold: Snipes Mountain Brewing - Red Fox
Silver: Silver City Brewery - Ridgetop Red
Bronze: Heathen Brewing - Mighty Craic 

Brown Porters

Gold: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Company - Thriller Piller
Silver: Kulshan Brewing Company - Transporter
Bronze: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Uncle Big's Brown 

Robust Porters

Gold:  Stoup Brewing - Robust Porter
Silver: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Rendezvous Porter
Bronze: Icicle Brewing Company - Priebe Porter

Sweet/Cream Stouts

Gold: Cairn Brewing - Thor's Hammer
Silver: Ten Pin Brewing - Snake Eye Stout
Bronze: Wet Coast Brewing Company - Sneak Thief Stout

Oatmeal Stouts

Gold: Rainy Daze Brewing - Built For Comfort Stout
Silver: Mac and Jacks Brewery - Maxx Stout
Bronze: Dreadnought Brewing LLC - Chocolate Jesus

Irish Stouts

Gold: Wander Brewing - Correspondent
Silver: Reuben's Brews - Production Brewery - Dry Stout
Bronze: Dick's Brewing Company - Dick's Cream Stout

British-Style Imperial Stouts

Gold: River City Brewing - Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
Silver: Pacific Brewing and Malting Company - Russian Imperial Stout
Bronze: Scuttlebutt Brewing Company - 20 Year Anniversary Stout

American-Style Stouts

Gold: Top Rung Brewing Company - My Dog Scout Stout
Silver: Flying Lion Brewing - Rye Stout
Bronze: Aslan Brewing Company - American Stout

American-Style Imperial Stouts and Porters

Gold: Stoup Brewing - Russian Imperial Stout
Silver: Two Beers Brewing Company - Overhang Imperial Porter
Bronze: Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Wood and Wire Imperial Stout

American-Style Pale Ales

Gold: Elliott Bay Brewing Company, Burien - Curiosity
Silver: Backwoods Brewing Company - Mosaic Pale
Bronze: Fremont Brewing – Universale

American-Style Strong Pale Ales

Gold: Airways Brewing - Jumbo Juice
Silver: Narrows Brewing Company - Ghost Jelly Pale Ale
Bronze: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Rule Breaker IPA 

Belgo-American and International Ales

Gold: Five Rights Brewing Company - Yaki-Vegas Saison
Silver: Matchless Brewing - POG IPA
Bronze: Matchless Brewing - Crack A Fruit

American Amber Ales

Gold: Old Stove Brewing - Amber Waves
Silver: Ten Pin Brewing - Angle Amber
Bronze: Wet Coast Brewing Company - Chinook Common

American Brown and Black Ales

Gold: Reuben's Brews - Production Brewery - Ink
Silver: Trap Door Brewing - Uptown Brown
Bronze: Ravenna Brewing Company - Cascadian Dark Ale

American-Style India Pale Ales

Gold: White Bluffs Brewing - Nectar Of The Gods (NOG)
Silver: Everybody's Brewing - Cryo Chronic
Bronze: Elysian Brewing Company – Dayglow

Imperial or Double India Pale Ales

Gold: Odd Otter Brewing - Screeching Otter
Silver: Postdoc Brewing - Dissertation
Bronze: Seapine Brewing Company - Rainbow Suspenders

Imperial or Double Red Ales

Gold: Ghost Runners Brewery - Phantom Rojo
Silver: Rooftop Brewing Company - Stargazer
Bronze: Barrel Mountain Brewing - Metalhead Red


Gold: Dick's Brewing Company - Dick's Barley Wine
Silver: Fish Brewing Company - Ten Squared Barleywine
Bronze: Schooner EXACT Brewing Company - Old Grinderface Barleywine

Belgian Ales

Gold: Diamond Knot Craft Brewing - Binnacle Summer Ale
Silver: E9 Brewery - Petite Belle
Bronze: Gordon Biersch Brewing Company - Deviant Blonde

Abbey-Inspired Ales

Gold: Sound Brewery - Tripel Entendre
Silver: Fish Brewing Company - Belgian Quad
Bronze: Rainy Daze Brewing - Dinner With The Devil

Belgian Strong Ales

Gold: Loowit Brewing Company - Dauntless Belgian Dark Strong
Silver: TripleHorn Brewing Company - Mystic
Bronze: Ghost Runners Brewery – Elite

Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales

Gold: Matchless Brewing - Shared Table
Silver: Ten Pin Brewing Company - Bowler's Biere De Garde
Bronze: Optimism – Pride

Specialty Saisons

Gold: Three Magnets Brewing Company - Autumnal Dark Farmhouse
Silver: Urban Family Brewing - Of Both Worlds
Bronze: Puyallup River Brewing Company - Paradise Blonde Farmhouse Ale

Brett Beers

Gold: E9 Brewery - Du Vieux Monde
Silver: Standard Brewing - Time Crystals
Bronze: Standard Brewing - Brett Earl

Mixed Culture Brett Beers

Gold: E9 Brewery - Amitie 
Silver: Three Magnets Brewing Company - Because Ghosts
Bronze: E9 Brewery - Tayberry Farmhouse

German Sour Beers

Gold: Hi-Fi Brewing Company - On The Metro
Silver: Kulshan Brewing Company - Gose
Bronze: Everybody's Brewing - Good Ad-Weisse, Berlinerweisse

Sour Beers

Gold: Boundary Bay Brewery - Neighborhood Watch
Silver: Stoup Brewing - Sour #4
Bronze: Elliott Bay Brewing Company, LCW - Big Pun

American-Style Fruit Beer

Gold: Black Raven Brewing - Flock Party
Silver: Dick's Brewing Company - Dick's Grapefruit IPA
Bronze: Ghostfish Brewing Company - Co-Conspirator Apricot Sour

Fruit Wheat Beers

Gold: North Jetty Brewing - Another F**king Raspberry Hef
Silver: Ten Pin Brewing Company - Groove Pineapple Wheat
Bronze: Big Block Brewing - Berry Cuda

Belgian Fruit Beers

Gold: E9 Brewery - Wild Cherry
Silver: Silver City Brewery - Charming Disarmer
Bronze: Black Raven Brewing - Corvus Kriekus

Vegetable Beers

Gold: Black Raven Brewing - Coco Jones
Silver: Des Voigne Cellars and Brewing - Coconut Blackout
Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing – Darkenfloxx

Chili Pepper Beers

Gold: TripleHorn Brewing Company - Pepperbelly
Silver: Riverport Brewing Company - 5/5 Pepper Beer
Bronze: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Two Pepper Pale Ale

Chocolate or Cocoa Beer

Gold: Whitewall Brewing Company - Outlaw Heat 2
Silver: Matchless Brewing - Matchless Bar
Bronze: Puyallup River Brewing Company - Mud Mountain Milk Stout 

Coffee Beers

Gold: Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Udder Chaos
Silver: Georgetown Brewing Company - Gusto Crema
Bronze: North 47 Brewing Company - Bavarian Breakfast

Herb and Spice Beers

Gold: Odd Otter Brewing - Odditea
Silver: Lumber House Brewery, LLC - Just The Tip
Bronze: Ravenna Brewing Company - Basil Saison 

Smoke Beers

Gold: Northern Ales, Inc. - Smoked North Porter
Silver: Cardinal Craft Brewing - Smoked Scotch Ale
Bronze: Rooftop Brewing Company - Scotch, Scotch, Scotchity Scotch Ale

Specialty and Historical Beers

Gold: Dystopian State Brewing Company - The Gold Sigil
Silver: Big Barn Brewing - Mead Honey Lager
Bronze: Ghostfish Brewing Company - Grapefruit IPA


Gold: Barrel Mountain Brewing - Ryan Pearson Brewmaster Series #3f
Silver: Cash Brewing Company - The Can In Black
Bronze: Bainbridge Brewing - Windfall Grapefruit IPA

Wood and Barrel Aged Beers

Gold: Wander Brewing - Wild Warehouse
Silver: Ten Pin Brewing - Barrel Aged BeWILDering B
Bronze: Matchless Brewing - Pink Moon

Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beers

Gold: Ravenna Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Lion Tamer Bourbon Vanilla Porter
Silver: Fremont Brewing - Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star
Bronze: Reuben's Brews - Small Batch Brewery - Bourbon Barrel Auld Heritage

Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beers

Gold: Three Magnets Brewing Company - 2016 Helsing Solera Project
Silver: Schooner EXACT Brewing Company - NW Sour Beer Framboise
Bronze: Waddell's Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Blackberry Sour

Washington Pro-Am Awards

Gold: Reuben's Brews and Ben Thompson - Small Batch Brewery - Benjamin Thompson's Saison
Silver: Black Raven Brewing and Denise Klein - Old Ale
Bronze: Dreadnought Brewing LLC and Ken Thompkins - Fellowship Pale

Best Washington Agricultural Product Inspired Beer

E9 Brewery LLC – Wild Cherry

Best Washington Malt Beer

Hellbent Brewing Company – Homegrown Pale Ale

Small Brewery of the Year

Five Rights Brewing Company

Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year

E9 Brewery LLC

Large Brewery of the Year

Chuckanut Brewery

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