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Belly up to this bar for una cerveza...or five.

Image: Colin Bishop

At the corner of 13th Ave and Airport Way strings of chili pepper–shaped lights cast a red glow inside this kitschy Mexican bar. Tu Cantinas is owned by Alex Parisi and managed by Sunny Baez of Brass Tacks, a Georgetown mainstay located exactly next door.

What was formerly Parisi and Baez’s OG Ground Control is now a papel picado–bedecked cantina, set up with a collection of tequilas, cervezas, and an offering of three tacos for $3 each. Those would be frijoles negros with pico de gallo, pollo adobado, and cochinita pibil—Yucatán-style, slow-roasted pork.

Parisi and Baez wanted to keep things pretty low key on the menu, pretty dive-y on the atmosphere, and all in all reminiscent of bars visited in Mexico.

While it softly opened last week, there’s still some kinks to work out: Hours are a bit up in the air, though there is talk of an eventual lunch launch, and the booze menu is still being fleshed out. Keep tabs on Instagram as Tu Cantinas slowly gains footing.

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