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What We're Eating Now: March 2017

This month’s favorites: all things melted cheese, from Swiss-style raclette to a quesadilla full of smoky intrigue.

By Allecia Vermillion and Kathryn Robinson February 20, 2017 Published in the March 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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Raclette de Savoie from Arbusigny, France.

Raclette at Fire and Scrape ⬆

A new stand at Fremont’s Sunday Market scrapes bubbling, melted cheese off a giant wheel and over a bed of steamed new potatoes (or apples, or cauliflower). This 700-year-old tradition from the Swiss Alps also makes superb modern-day Instagram bait. —Allecia Vermillion

Melt at Bar Sue’s Pulled Pork Mac

The quintessence of comfort food resides behind the walkup window inside Pike/Pine’s amiably dingy Bar Sue in the form of, among other feats of cheesiness, the mac and cheese with pulled pork—a peppery, slightly funky, utterly divine three-cheese situation that would be sublime even without the moist and crispy meat. —Kathryn Robinson

Double Grilled Cheese at Cycene Kitchen 

Add pimento cheese to a classic grilled cheese sandwich and you get something perfectly piquant, exceptionally gooey, and a gloriously unnatural tangerine hue. This magic happens at Pike Place Market’s new breakfast and lunch counter, which also offers grits bowls, solid home fries, and vintage country on the sound system. —AV

Smoked Pumpkin Quesadilla at Copal 

These little half moons come off the grill at Bar Sajor’s sunny Latin successor stuffed with smoky-sweet pumpkin, the cheese within the tortilla slightly burnt at the edges; a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds amps up that crunchy texture. —AV

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