I Would Dine 4 U

Some Offbeat Valentine's Day Options

Because your idea of romance is pizza.

By Rosin Saez February 13, 2017

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The Jack Rose cocktail at Lost Lake: Applejack brandy, grenadine, lime, and served on the rocks because...well, you know.

Love is in the air. And it smells like prix fixe dinners for two—of which we’ve compiled a list for your convenience. But for the card carrying members of the lonely hearts clubs or graduates of the Leslie Knope School of Saint Galentine or even couples who can do without the mushy, candle-lit dining, here are some decidedly offbeat options.



One of the latest additions to Capitol Hill’s pizza boom will be playing rom-coms on the big screen all day long. Ready yourself for a special, super spicy pizza as well as pink and chocolate-y soft serve. Plus, all the meet-cute scenarios you can handle.

Lost Lake

Near, far, wherever you are...celebrating Valentine’s Day can mean watching a 24-hour marathon of Titanic alongside some food and drink specials like the Jack Rose: Applejack brandy, grenadine, lime, and served on the rocks...

Comet Tavern

Meanwhile next door to Lostlake, Robbie Turner, former contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, will host a screening of Overboard at 8pm, paired with champagne, the champagne of beers aka Miller High Life, and, why of course, complimentary Lifesavers.

Big Mario’s

If you’re in a serious relationship with pizza, head to the Cupid Is Stupid Soiree at 8pm. There will be carafes of wine for $10, pitchers of Bud Light for $5, and plenty of pizza pies. Alternately, if you’re into wooing people with food, Big Mario’s will deliver a heart-shaped pizza-gram to the gluten lover in your life. It comes with a single red rose because romance isn’t dead after all.

Cafe Presse

If you skew on the end of sweatpants romance, you know, where you’d welcome a night of Netflix and chill—you were doing this before it became cool anyhow—then this to-go option is for you. Take home a dinner for two, which includes a hearty salad, a roasted chicken with pommes frites, and a chocolate mousse terrine that comes with a brandy caramel sauce. And yes, do grab wine from the wine shelf while you’re there.

Linda’s Tavern

It’s back again. A night of sexy jams by way of DJs Cuddlingus and Pleasurecomp, plus the grand romantic gesture of shot-o-grams. See a cutie? Send them a shot. It’s like swiping right via booze rather than an app. Aww.

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