Amaro Amore

5 Creative Amaro Cocktails You Should Try

Seattle bartenders love to experiment with Italy’s signature herbal liqueur.

By Stefan Milne January 26, 2017 Published in the February 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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The Embittered Garibaldi at Barnacle Bar

Renee Erickson’s miniscule amaro mecca (over 40 types!) offers a cocktail for purists: dual amari—alpine-style Braulio and sweet-subtle Montenegro—a hit of salt, and a lemon twist.

Nasty Woman at Artusi

Amaro’s stateside popularity means a new crop of domestic variants. At Spinasse’s sibling aperitivo bar, Fernet Francisco spins its botanical web alongside gin and vermouth.

Old Soul at Rob Roy

Not all fernets are as brazen as Branca. Milder Jelinek Fernet relaxes into Old Granddad bourbon and Genepy for that rarest of creatures—the mellow amaro cocktail. 

La Basilicata at Foreign National

Amari intensify in rye’s spicy presence. Cynar, Amaro del Capo, and Rittenhouse rye are game for this impassioned argument.

Amaro Mule at Herb and Bitter Public House

Broadway’s amarocentric bar tweaks a moscow mule: Seattle-made Brovo Amaro No. 4 replaces vodka for a cocktail that can—as is these Old World digestivis’ wont—masquerade as healthful tonic. 

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