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Rancho Bravo Opens Next Week in the University District

A nightlife staple expands to the Ave. And there's talk of breakfast.

By Allecia Vermillion December 30, 2016

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Coming soon (very soon) to the Ave. Photo via Rancho Bravo's Facebook page.

The taqueria born from a food truck to become a civic fast food mainstay is about to debut a new location in the heart of the University District. Rancho Bravo is aiming to open this upcoming Wednesday, January 4, but let us never forget these dates are subject to change, right up until the last minute. Keep an eye on the restaurant's Facebook page for confirmation before making a taco run.

Before Skillet and Marination parlayed their beloved food trucks into equally beloved restaurants, there was Freddy Rivas. The Rancho Bravo owner launched his business in a taco truck 15 years ago, eventually opening permanent locations in a former KFC on Capitol Hill, a former Winchell's in Wallingford, and Fremont (and Broadway burger shop Freddy Junior's). This new location won't be set in a former fast food franchise; the storefront space at 4243 University Way NE received a slightly slicker buildout, but will serve the same menu of tacos, burritos, nachos and bowls (mobile delivery ops will move into this kitchen as well).

Joe Jeannot, who is working with Rivas on the opening of the new location, says the Rancho Bravo on the Ave has big plans for 2017, that include breakfast (be still my heart) and a broader range of Mexican fare. In the meantime, the nearby student population should appreciate its existing menu just as much as the nightlife denizens of Capitol Hill. 


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