Freddy Junior's could open tomorrow. But definitely by this weekend. Photo courtesy of Freddy Rivas.

No worries, Freddie Prinze Jr. is not trying to make a comeback with a burger spot on Capitol Hill. Nor is Capitol Hill's new house of sliders a Carl's Jr. spinoff. This is the work of Freddy Rivas, owner of Rancho Bravo Tacos. He’s very close to opening Freddy Junior's, a quick service slider joint at 1513 Broadway in the old Grubwich location. The menu is full of wee burgers (and hot dog sliders) with interesting flavor stylings like Hawaiian or spicy jalapeno.

As CHS reported earlier this month, Rivas seems to be throwing his hat in the ring for an all out burger throwdown in the Pike/Pine zone. But his focus will be fast-paced takeout counter service, with a small seating area and a few benches out front. The sliders will all be less than $3, so you won’t have to make the commitment to one style of burger or hot dog. There will be French fries (you can opt to Cajunize) and a variety of soda floats, as well.

Rivas is apparently quite the connoisseur of fast food-style burgers—Dick’s and Red Robin’s Banzai Burger are favorites—and says “every now and then I’ve got to go get a Big Mac. You have to do it.” His idea for a burger joint solidified after a first time visit to Five Guys in Northgate. The product impressed him, as far as quick-service burgers go, but when he looked into franchising, his only option was in Georgia for the big bucks. That led to the creation of Freddy Junior’s. Well played, Rivas, well played.

Rivas hopes to open on Wednesday, July 24, but says if that doesn’t happen he will for sure be ready for Block Party this weekend. Freddy Junior’s will be open daily at 10:30am, closing at 10:30 Sunday through Tuesday, midnight on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday it’ll be open for the long haul—until 3am.

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