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Image: Stefan Milne

And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Our Velocity. You’ve heard this cocktail’s name before, somewhere, right? It’s over-the-top, bombastic, but you can’t quite place it. Nope, it's not a new Fiona Apple album. 

Then Jason Simplot, Suite 410’s bar manager, explains: it’s a portmanteau of a post-hardcore rock band And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Dead and the title of Dave Eggers’ first novel: You Shall Know Our Velocity.

And this over-the-top nominal mashup reflects Simplot’s cocktail, a menu mainstay for a couple years now. Here the intensity comes from the big flavors and the sly bit is that he subs Parce, an eight-year-old dry Columbian rum, where you might conventionally find whiskey.

Simplot recommends it to whiskey enthusiasts who want to shake up their Manhattan and Old Fashioned habits. And he uses it as teaching tool, evidence that rum needn’t be relegated to drinks involving blenders and coconut husks and tiny umbrellas: “It’s great to get people to venture out, to say, Oh, I guess I do like rum.”

And the international cast of supporting players here add to the robust intensity so frequently associated with whiskey cocktails: Rossbacher, an Austrian herbal liqueur, brings big clove and anise notes. And housemade allspice bitters and Punt e Mes (bittersweet Italian vermouth) and Ancho Reyes (ancho chili liqueur) together offer up spicy, savory aromatics—“Christmas baking spice sort of stuff, to appeal to when the whiskey drinker drinks whiskey—the winter.”

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