Salare Chef Edouardo Jordan Plans a Second Restaurant

It's called JuneBaby and will be all about the food (and drinks and hospitality) of the American south.

By Allecia Vermillion October 19, 2016

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Making plans for JuneBaby.

And just like that, we've got one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2017. Chef Edouardo Jordan announced today he's opening a second spot just down the street from Salare, his debut restaurant in Ravenna that wowed Seattle's dining universe, not to mention national food media since pretty much the minute it opened. He's turning the space most recently home to Heidelberg Haus into a place called JuneBaby

While Jordan describes Salare as an thoughtful meeting of Northwest ingredients, his fine dining background, charcuterie training, and his family's southern roots, JuneBaby will focus more overtly on the foods of the American south. Per the official release, the chef will turn to local farmers for help cultivating certain southern staple ingredients, and source other heirloom ingredients from some farmers outside our region. The southern inspiration will extend to the focus on hospitality, too. 

Jordan's also planning a bar program with a similar geographic bent, its cocktails heavy on rum, bourbon, whiskey, gin, and moonshine.

JuneBaby is the nickname given to Jordan's father, Edward, when he was young. Look for papa Jordan's restaurant alter ego to open in early 2017; official address is 2122 NE 65th St. More details as we have them.

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