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Corn on the Cob at the 100-Pound Clam 

Check out the corn at this new dockside clam shack! Two broken ears, deep-fried and sweet, slathered with smoked jalapeño cotija cheese, speckled with cilantro and Aleppo peppers. Messy ecstasy.  —Kathryn Robinson

Beach Bakery’s Breakfast Sandwiches

Rainier Valley’s new bakery does smarter-than-average breakfast sandwiches, like one made with waffles and eggs and bacon, or a buttery biscuit stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, and a hollowed-out, smoked hatch chili. 7820 Rainier Ave S, 206-721-2225  —Allecia Vermillion

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Rosé Slushie at Revolution Wine

Pike/Pine’s new wine shop freezes rosé into ice cubes to pop in a blender with more rosé, simple syrup, and a secret ingredient with a slightly herbal tinge. Let’s make this a thing.  —AV

Empanadas at Manu’s Bodegita 

Manu Alfau’s expansion of his Pioneer Square hole-in-the-wall to a Madison Street sidewalk stall brings his exquisitely smoky sofrito-yam-gouda empanadas to Capitol Hill. —KR

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