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1. This Thursday, April 28 is the date of Lifelong’s annual fundraiser, Dining Out for Life.  The organization which delivers care and support in multiple forms to folks living with HIV/AIDS will receive 30 percent of the proceeds from a bunch of restaurants that day. You’re going to eat anyway, might as well do it at one of…

2. …over 80 participating Seattle area restaurants (at this writing, with more signing up every day). So far these include Seattle treasures Lionhead, LloydMartin, Bar del Corso, and Ristorante Machiavelli—none of which require any extra motivation for me to visit, ever.

3. The list also holds great destinations that will donate day as well as evening, including Mamnoon (lunch), Cafe Presse (breakfast and lunch), and Serafina (lunch).

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Cafe Presse: Paris on 12th

Image: Amos Morgan 

4. Plus there are a few gluten-free options, like Razzis Pizzeria in Greenwood, and Niche Gluten-Free Cafe and Bakery across from Seattle U.

5. And some uber-generous restaurants are even cranking their donation to 50 percent that day, including Baja Bistro and Georgetown’s inimitable Jules Maes Saloon.

6. Bonus reason: Because of the success of promotions like Dining Out for Life, Lifelong fed over 1,600 individuals with 37,047 bags of groceries and 161,401 healthy meals in 2014. Do your part, connoisseurs.