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It looks like Mike Easton has closed Pizzeria Gabbiano, his destination for Roman-style pies both delicious and so beautiful they belong on the cover of a magazine. A sign out front says the Pioneer Square shop is "closed for reimagination." 

This morning Easton wasn't responding to my queries on the sign, but I can't help but notice the pasta savant dropped a hint about an upcoming retail pasta shop in Bill Addison's recent Eater piece—a place "with 10 or 12 daily options and sauces to match." Hmmmm.....

This has been one hell of a month for Easton. Last week the chef and his fanatically beloved pasta restaurant Il Corvo became a finalist for the James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest. Apparently only serving lunch doesn't preclude Easton from being nationally recognized alongside Seattle's household-name chefs like Renee Erickson and Rachel Yang. Which makes me all the more curious about his plans for Gabbiano. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I'm taking a second to mourn those imaginative, seasonal pizzas.


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