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Frost Brings Doughnuts, Lunch, and Wine to South Lake Union

Did we mention the bacon-egg-doughnut breakfast sandwich?

By Allecia Vermillion March 21, 2016

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Mill Creek–based doughnut maker, Frost, has been alluding to a Seattle location for maybe five years (and doughnut fans in the 206 have been clamoring for one just as long). At last, it's a done deal. Frost will open its fourth outpost this summer in Amazon's Bigfoot building at Ninth and Mercer.

The sizable 4,000-square-foot space with an adjacent patio should be the first clue that Frost will serve more than its signature doughnuts, a mix of classics and more elaborate confections like strawberry-champagne fritters or a bismarck filled with caramel-coffee cream. The company actually dropped the word "doughnut" from its name in 2014, as it was expanding into more lunchtime pursuits, but those pillowy rings—sprinkled with anything from bacon to Butterfinger to toasted coconut and caramel—remain primary in my affections.

Frost's original Mill Creek location serves soups and salads; the outpost in Bellevue's Lincoln Square sells hot pressed sandwiches. Frost in the Amazon will bring all these savory lunch items together on one expanded menu, says co-owner Daniel Sterling. This new Frost will also serve the ebullient cupcake and macaron flavors that have been a hit at its other stores.

One of my first questions for Sterling: Will Frost's gonzo breakfast sandwich be available here? It consists of scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage—all inside of a raised doughnut. Most definitely, he says.

Frost has its own coffee, roasted by the excellent Victrola. With all this space, says Sterling, the company has a chance to amp up its caffeinated offerings, with pour-over service and a rotating selection of beans, all via Victrola. Frost SLU will have a coffee and wine bar section and stay open perhaps as late as 10 so nearby worker types can unwind over a glass of something. Sterling worked for Amazon in a few capacities before founding Frost. "I know what their hours are like," he says.

Look for this new Frost outpost perhaps as soon as July.


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