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Mamnoon Street Just Opened, Say Hello to Shawarma and Cocktails

The Mamnoon owners are two for two in restaurants on Sixth Ave.

By Rosin Saez February 15, 2016

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Order here, then beeline to the bar inside.

In the new Amazon Doppler building, just around the corner from their recently opened Anar, owners Wassef and Racha Haroun debuted Mamnoon Street this weekend at 2020 Sixth Ave.

Taking cues from the ever-popular Middle Eastern street foods from Mamnoon’s to-go menu up on Capitol Hill, the Harouns have transported this quick-and-casual concept to Mamnoon Street. The same small plate, or mezze, favorites are here such as the bright quinoa tabbouleh and (yes!) the spicy harra frites with Aleppo pepper, cayenne, and cilantro. A staple of Lebanese street food, their mana’eesh flatbread lineup can naturally be found here too. What is new to the menu here are the lamb and chicken shawarma: the lamb is made with pickled turnips, herbs, and a special Mamnoon Street sauce, while the chicken comes with frites, pickled pepper, and a roasted garlic sauce.

But let’s not be fooled into thinking that this is just a to-go counter. Stay to eat and take a seat at the streetside window to watch powerwalking passersby, or—Seattle weather permitting—eat outside one of the many benches scattered beside the restaurant. 

In the way of booze, Mamnoon Street also has a nice little bar in the back equipped to serve up beer, wine, and Mideastern-inspired cocktails—a nip of which is likely needed by said powerwalking passersby. On the cocktail list you’ll find the Habibti made with prosecco, rose water, and pomegranate molasses (the juice of which comes from sibling restaurant Anar), the Hayati which consists of gin, apricot, lime, orange blossom water, and a popular Middle Eastern fruit syrup called jallab, and more. To affirm its bona fide bar status, there’s even happy hour here from 4pm until closed. Stay tuned to the Mamnoon Street Facebook page as the Harouns look to plan events here in the future.

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