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Healthy Restaurant App Tasteful Comes to a Phone Near You

Craving paleo tonight? They got you.

By Kathryn Robinson February 18, 2016

Fresh bistro fish dirgxp

Gluten-free fish at Fresh Bistro in West Seattle.

Image: Tasteful

A new free app called Tasteful knows you and your posse—you know, your friend the “vegan” (who’s really a vegetarian), the gluten-avoider, the annoying paleo evangelist—and how hard it can be to find a restaurant to feed you all.

Simply download the app (for both iPhone and Android), check off the relevant dietary restrictions, and it will deliver a list of nearby spots to choose from—all of which pass the “real-food” test.

(But will they test the "open" test? A quick glance at the Vegetarian list revealed Sutra, which has been closed for months. Hmm.) 

The Gluten-Free list proved a more reliable guide, offering a list of restaurants with either g-f menus, like Capitol Cider, or significant gluten-free sections, like Portage Bay Cafe. I liked how they arrived mapped and color-coded to whether they were a "Fair," "Good," or "Great" match for your dining needs.

As an exhaustive and pristine list, Tasteful has a way to go. But as a memory-jogger to a few good suggestions---why not? Doesn't get cheaper than free.  

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