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But what happens to the "fish" sign? 

Aaahhh, this explains it. 

In recent months Ethan Stowell has been doing some sort of informal popups at Chippy’s, his little fish and chips bar next to Staple and Fancy in Ballard’s Kolstrand Building. Today Stowell and his wife/business partner Angela sent word that Chippy’s will soon morph into an entirely different restaurant—Marine Hardware at Staple and Fancy

Sounds like this new restaurant folds in some elements of Stowell’s onetime Noyer project—a small space, tasting menus, and some nights with Stowell himself in the kitchen. 

Marine Hardware will be open just Wednesday through Sunday, from 5-10pm. Michael Gifford—who cooked with Stowell back in the Union days, ran the kitchen at How to Cook a Wolf, and most recently helped open Bramling Cross down the street—will be the chef here, preparing dishes like rabbit loin with frisee and lardon salad, smoked foie gras terrine with dried cherries, watercress, and brioche, or seared Hamachi with steamed rice, ponzu, and seaweed. Wines will hew toward the Old World. 

Gifford will oversee a four-course tasting menu for $50, and a six-course version for $80, with about 10 a la carte options (the chef's menu next door at Staple and Fancy remains unchanged). On some nights the boss man himself will be in the small kitchen; Stowell’s hoping to cook at Marine Hardware on a weekly basis. 

Chippy’s serves its final night of poke and fried oysters on Valentine’s Day. The space will reopen as Marine Hardware on Wednesday, March 2. Like its neighbor Staple and Fancy, the restaurant takes its name from an old sign painted on the side of the Kolstrand Building.

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