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Drunken chicken from Monsoon, curbside. Yay Uber.

Beginning day after tomorrow, you can order weekday lunch from a bunch of actually good restaurants and Uber will deliver it to your curb within 10 minutes.

I know, fast. Of course you have to be in one of these neighborhoods: Downtown, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Lower Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and Capitol Hill. (You four Seattleites who aren’t in these neighborhoods weekdays, sorry. PB and J for you.)

Lunches will generally range from $8 to $12, and this week they include Monsoon’s drunken chicken, Skillet Diner’s pulled pork, and a trio of salads from Volunteer Park Café.  Other restaurants are also on board, including Gnocchi Bar, Meat + Bread, Kraken Congee, and Macrina Bakery. Plus more to come, with daily-changing menus.

All you do is slide over to EATS on the Uber app (it’s only visible when you’re in the coverage area), move the pin to your location, then tap VIEW MENU.

Dangerously easy. Starts Wednesday.


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