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Hey, look. It's a very-in-progress shot of the future home of Ciudad. Via Google Maps, no less. But squint and you can imagine the patio.

A James Beard–winning chef who coaxes nuanced flavors out of age-old cooking methods and a nightlife guy turned restaurateur known for kickass burgers are joining forces to open a restaurant in Georgetown. And it’s all about grilled meat. 

Ciudad will open in early 2016 in a big brick building at 12th Ave S and Bailey in Georgetown, just steps off the main drag. Lalario says he’s handling the business development; Dillon is, naturally, handling the culinary. 

The restaurant will have a massive grill (charcoal fired); Dillon tells Bethany Jean Clement at the Seattle Times it will dispense all manner of kebabs, seafood, and not-terribly-expensive cuts of meat. He also dropped some other intriguing specifics about various hot, sour, and sweet preparations and a comparison to London’s Mangal Ocakbasi.

There’s a sizable patio out front, and Lalario promises serious summertime parties. He and Dillon—who won the James Beard Best Chef Northwest for Sitka and Spruce, went on to open Bar Sajor and the London Plane, and already has the Corson Building in Georgetown—became friends, he says, “through sports,” watching Seahawks games at Lalario’s 95 Slide. The partners say this won’t be a fancy place. Though between Dillon’s reputation (and the skills that wrought it) and Lalario’s way with his Li’l Woody’s and new Fat’s Chicken and Waffles enterprises, you’ll forgive me a few delighted handsprings at the idea of a joint project.

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