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Sweet times at Salted Sea.

Image: Olivia Brent

Among the myriad pleasures available at Columbia City’s new Salted Sea Seafood and Raw Bar—these would include fresh daily oysters; an ever-so-lightly-tweaked rendition of the fried calamari from the owner’s other restaurant, Hue Ky Mi Gia; and a terrific happy hour—one stands out as a particularly sweet way to welcome October.

“The crab and sweet corn soup is meant to be really light and chicken-broth based, in the Vietnamese style,” explains chef Allyss Taylor, late of Harvest Vine. She was a regular at Hue Ky Mi Gia when she met its owner, Huy Tat, who ultimately hired her as chef for his Columbia City fish house. “It’s brothy, with plenty of ginger flavor, along with crab and fresh herbs, light and fresh, and a little kick of serrano chile. Marinating the true cod in fish sauce really deepens it.” With a finish of onion frizzles for the right bit of crunch.

Yeah it’s good—I’ll go out on a limb and call it one of Seattle's simple greats—and I will want a pot of it warming on my stove in a few weeks when cold and flu season settles in. Read the rest of my review in Seattle Met’s October issue.

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