Full Tilt Ice Cream Is Opening on Capitol Hill

But it's not a scoop shop.

By Allecia Vermillion July 27, 2015

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A batch from the early days of Full Tilt's ice cream bars. Photo via Full Tilt's Facebook page.

Oooh. The excellent Full Tilt Ice Cream is opening a new location on Capitol Hill, at 501 15th Ave East, outfitting it with the companies biggest selection of arcade games yet.

However this outpost, the fifth in Full Tilt's improbably great mini empire, will serve zero scoops of ice cream, says owner Justin Cline.

Full Tilt Capitol Hill will be all about the company's growing line of ice cream bars and paletas, aka fruit ice pops. The shop will stock roughly 10 flavors of ice cream bars, made with milk from a dairy in Linden–off the top of his head, Cline rattled off flavors like salted caramel, coffee, Oreo, and a bar version of the popular Memphis king flavor, made with peanut butter, banana, and bacon. Plus there will be another 10 dairy-free ice pops heavy on local fruit: blackberry, strawberry mango, cantaloupe with cilantro and lime, hibiscus flower, strawberry habanero, and more.

Full Tilt distributes its bars at a few local grocers, but there will be plenty of flavors here you won't see elsewhere.

The lineup of about 20 pinball and arcade games includes some new driving games Cline hasn't been able to wedge in at his other locations, since they move and take up a lot of space. Full Tilt will open August 15, in part of a former veterinary clinic at 15th and Republican, now owned by Uncle Ike's owner Ian Eisenberg.  

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