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Quick: Name the Seattle Neighborhood with So Many New Restaurants We Made You a Map!

Dozens of new restaurants. Which one gets our spotlight?

By Kathryn Robinson May 21, 2015

Is this a hint or what?

If you guessed Capitol Hill, bravo hungry Seattleite.

Since midsummer, no fewer than 39 notable restaurants have opened (or will soon) on that densifying patch of real estate—most of them clustered in the Pike/Pine corridor. These include some you’ve already read about in these pages—like the Vietnamese stunner Stateside, or that really big coffee chain’s really big flagship—but others may be news to you, like the new Szechuan food bar Lionhead, that Northwest cuisine innovator Jerry Traunfeld will open this summer next to his north Capitol Hill destination, Poppy.

One in particular has already earned so much of my esteem I gave it a special spotlight: a three-in-one restaurant that accomplishes several groundbreaking feats at once, from “inventing” a hot new micro nabe (that’s about to get even hotter), to offering crispy chicken skin as an add-on to any sandwich on its menu—an enlightened move by any measure. All from a veteran Seattle chef who may be the first guy you think of when you hear the word farro.

C'mon, at least guess before you click here.


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