What: Renegade Wine Co. Rosé Columbia Valley 2014 $11 

Where: McCarthy & Schiering (Queen Anne), Pete’s Wine Shop (Seattle), Whole Foods (Interbay), QFC (Broadway, Holman, Harvard) 

Why: While the days are getting longer, this time of year always seems like Seattle’s darkest hour. Each year, almost without fail, we get a stretch of warm, sunny weather in February and March, providing a brief glimpse of the warmer days to come. Then the door slams shut and it’s cold and rainy until July 5. 

Fortunately, this time of year also coincides with the release of the latest Northwest rosés. No wine speaks so clearly to a season as rosé does to spring and summer. Each year the Renegade Wine Co. rosé is one of the first to market, like a clarion call of the coming of spring. The 2014 Renegade Wine Co. Columbia Valley Rosé ($11)—half syrah along with cinsault, grenache, counoise and mourvèdre - is another winner. It brings aromas and flavors of watermelon and bubblegum with a tart finish pulling it all together. It’s like summer in a glass, perfect for battling back the cold spring and dreaming of the warm summer days ahead.


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