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This Week in Restaurant News: Beef and Wages

A new Korean steakhouse in Pioneer Square, Blue Moon Burgers in West Seattle, and opening salvos of our new minimum wage.

By Jeanny Rhee April 3, 2015

Blue Moon: Now serving burgers in West Seattle. Photo via the Blue Moon Facebook page.


Alki Beach Blue Moon Burgers
Earlier this week, Blue Moon finally announced on its Facebook page that the West Seattle location has opened its doors with a breezy beachfront view, a patio and beer garden (in the summer) and that yes, the Nacho Mama burger has been added as one of the signature burgers. Expect longer business hours (until 11pm) in the summer.

Restauranteur Steven Han, owner of three popular Japanese restaurants, Momiji, Kushibar, and Umi Sake House opens his new upscale Korean steak house Girin in the Stadium Place complex this weekend. The centerpiece of the menu is the ssam, meat fresh off the grill with seasonal greens for wrapping and  traditional Korean sauces.


Boozy Italian in the Former Kingfish Cafe
Capitol Hill Seattle blog announced Wednesday that owners of Lost Lake Cafe and the Comet Tavern (and Big Mario's, Grim's, and the 5 Point) are replacing the now-defunct restaurant, Kingfish Cafe with an Italian eatery (think pizza, handmade pastas, paninis) expected to open early June. The yet-unnamed restaurant will serve lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. One half of the restaurant will be sit-down style while the adjacent (and boozy) half will be a full-service bar with an extensive local and Italian wine list, plus various spirits. Speaking of Kingfish, Laurie and Leslie Coaston told Bethany Jean Clement at the Seattle Times they're in the midst of finding a location for their first take out spot–thank the culinary heavens. 


Spaghetti Western
Aleks Dimitrijevich, owner of Capitol Hill's pasta-and-BBQ joint Spaghetti Western (formerly La Bête) posted on Facebook last Friday he's throwing in the towel and bidding farewell from exhaustion and (in so many words) basically having no life which "suffcies as reason enough..." Rest up, Aleks. He says he will use the space for private events.


Piatti at UVillage
Yesterday was the last day for Piatti. Don’t fear though, the restaurant is reopening late summer with a spanking new entryway, private dining room (seating 50), bartop, chairs, tables, doors...let’s just say the entire place is getting a face lift, and face lifts require time and patience to come out beautifully.

'Zaw Bakes Its Own Pizza on Capitol Hill 
The local artisan bake-at-home pizza chainlet reopened at 15th and Pine and hungry folks are now welcome to dine in and actually eat freshly baked pizza in store. Beer and wine menu is available.


Ivar’s Jumps on $15 Wage, Minus Tips
On Wednesday, Washington’s minimum wage creeped up to $11, but Ivar’s Salmon House took the plunge and raised hourly wages to $15 for nearly 100 employees at the North Lake Union location while its less formal establishments (in and out of the greater Seattle area) will receive $11 an hour, according to the Seattle Times. Expect menu prices to increase but keep those dollar bills in your pocket as tipping is not required.

Tom Douglas Surcharges 2 Percent, Then Backs Down
The restaurateur announced Thursday he’s adding an additional 2 percent charge to your total bill, then immediately decided against it after much discord amongst diners, fans and followers. On his blog,  he says the ‘wage equality surcharge’ (WES) was an attempt to “add a surcharge equal to the increase in wages required for our size company until all restaurants in Seattle are on the same playing field.” 


Autumn Swenson Is Capitol Cider's Exec Chef
Former sous chef Autumn Swenson is now heading up the kitchen at the Capitol Hill cider bar; Sara Harvey as its new sous chef. The duo will oversee the 100 percent gluten-free menu.




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