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This Week in Restaurant News: The End-of-Year Reckoning Is Nigh

Your Friday dispatch from Seattle Met’s food team.

By Allecia Vermillion December 6, 2019

Get your Frankies while you can.

Frankie Withdrawal Imminent

Umm, so this happened right as everyone dispersed for Thanksgiving. Tom Douglas told Eater Seattle he won’t be renewing the lease for any of his spots in the Via6 building. That means, by the end of January, no TanakaSan, Home Remedy, or Assembly Hall. I’m already mourning the loss of the improbably delicious "Indian-style burrito" known as the Frankie, and one of the area’s few old school­ salad bars. I’m also pondering who will step into one of the first and most prominent restaurant spaces in that portion of Amazonland. It's a bittersweet cap for what's definitely been a challenging month (or two) in the TDR world.

In Other Closure News

Perche No will soon serve its final plate of pasta. So will Mangia Me, the lovely Italian food truck run by the owners’ son. 

Wait, There’s More

Man, the end of the year brings a most un-festive slate of closure news as restaurants run out their leases. Also shuttering: Stout and Añejo on Capitol Hill. And pour out some Swedish fish–infused vodka for the delightfully divey Grizzled Wizard in Wallingford, though the Korochka Tavern will soon be moving into their space on N 45th.

But! Lao Food

How about something a little more uplifting. Capitol Hill Seattle blog has the rundown on Taurus Ox, a new Laotian restaurant that’s going into the former Little Uncle space. 

And Peggy Pizza

Eater Seattle says Pagliacci’s new Capitol Hill restaurant will open mid-December, though the neighborhood’s OG location on Broadway (the site of my first-ever Coke Freestyle experience, a formative moment in any woman's life) says farewell December 10. 

Meanwhile, on Seattle Met… 

Ethan Stowell will close three of his restaurants at the end of the year/month/decade. 

Doin' it for the Gram: squid ink corn dog edition. 

You know you need this listicle of cake shops. 

Seattle’s first Native food truck becomes the city’s first Native restaurant. 

Repeal Day's over, but you should totally still drink at these non-cringey speakeasy-style bars.

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