Session Ales

Fremont Brewing 77 Select Spring Session IPA

Session refers roughly to a beer that’s below 5 percent alcohol. A session is that time when you sit down with friends and have a couple beers. Then you get up and you can be functional. —Matt Lincecum, Founder






Belgian Styles

Pike Brewing Saison Houblon 

Typically Belgian yeast gives you a spicy, peppery aftertaste. This beer is a bit of a hybrid between a saison and an IPA. Houblon is actually the French word for “hops.” —Dean Mochizuki, Head Brewer






Engine House No. 9 Raspberry Wild Ale

It’s beer produced in the 1500s and 1600s—Louis Pasteur sort of stopped the sour beer movement. It’s a passion project; it takes too long and it’s gone too fast to make any real money. —Shane Johns, Head Brewer






Cascadian Dark Ales

Populuxe Brewing Cinderblock CDA

It’s hop forward, not heavy, with a little bit of spice and a clean, dry finish. It’s one of the more complicated beers we make and popular with people who are really into beer. —Peter Charbonnier, Owner and Brewer




Cold Brews

Two Beers Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale

We do a coarse grind with the coffee beans [single-origin Ethiopian Harrar from neighboring Fulcrum Coffee] and treat the entire tank of beer like it’s cold brew—it sits on those beans for 24 to 30 hours. —Joel VandenBrink, Owner

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