What: Corvus Cellars Cuvée Columbia Valley 2011 $21 

Where: Esquin, Leschi Market, Seattle Wine Co

Why: Of Washington’s 800+ wineries, the vast majority make less than 5,000 cases annually. Corvus Cellars, which is located in the winery incubator buildings in the airport region of Walla Walla, is emblematic of many of these wineries. Corvus makes a mere 1,000 cases annually; the wines are consistently high quality; and the wines are also very fairly priced. 

The Corvus Cellars 2011 Columbia Valley Cuvee is just another such example. The wine plays to one of Washington’s strengths—blends. The cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc for the wine hail from the winery’s estate vineyard on Red Mountain. The merlot meanwhile comes from Les Collines Vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley. It’s rich yet restrained with black cherry and blackberry flavors along with a firm squeeze of tannins. The winery only made 600 cases of the wine, which remarkably accounts for more than half of their total production, and at $21 it provides a whole lot of quality and value.



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