More fried chicken skin, please

Li'l Woody's likes its collabs. But this one is out of control.

The burger shack asked a pretty impressive list of local chefs to design their own burgers. Now Li'l Woody's will spend the entire month of March serving creations by Matt Dillon, Renee Erickson, Maria Hines, and Brendan McGill—chefs not exactly associated with burgers (though Hines does make one at Golden Beetle).

Each week the Capitol Hill and Ballard locations will serve a different chef's burger. If you manage to eat all four of them, there's apparently an "I Survived Burger Week" T-shirt awaiting you.

Here's the rundown of chefs and burgers (all start with a one-third-pound grass-fed beef patty. There's also a burger week website with cute photos of Matt Dillon and Maria Hines eating burgers.

March 3–9: Maria Hines
The Golden Beetle Burger

Lettuce, Swiss Gruyere, harissa aioli, house-pickled onions and serrano chilies, and a patty seasoned with baharat (a Middle Eastern mix of mint, oregano, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, and nutmeg). It's served with sumac-dusted fries similar to the ones at GB. 

March 10–16: Matt Dillon
The Kluck Burger

NBD, just your typical combo of Beecher's Flagship, radicchio, brown butter(!), maple syrup, and fried chicken skin 

March 17–23: Renee Erickson
Green Goddess Burger
Grass-fed beef, mayo, and green goddess dressing from Erickson's own cookbook. Restrained but marvelous—seems about right.

March 24–30: Brendan McGill
The Hitchcock Pastrami Burger
Swiss cheese, mayo, and pastrami, kraut, and russian dressing...all made at Hitchcock

BONUS March 31–April 4: A Mystery Guest Chef

For the sake of transparency: Seattle Met is a sponsor of all this beefy mayhem.